Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Christmas Is Six Months Away So....

Yes, that's right! Christmas 2014 is just six months away.  Are you ready?  Well, one way to start tackling the holiday season is by starting a gift closet.  It doesn't have to be a real closet.  You can designate  a drawer, chest, plastic storage box, or even space under the bed to store those bargain gift items you find during the year for holiday, birthday, shower, or other gift giving occasions.

A gift closet can save you time and money.  Right after major holidays, many quality gifts go on sale.  Items can be found at 40-75% off the regular retail price. Be on the lookout for items that can be used for co-workers, teachers, sitters, and hostess gifts.  Stocking stuffers often take up a lot of precious shopping time during the holidays, but a good shopper can find interesting items all throughout the year on sale and save a heap of money.  One friend I know tries to buy four stocking treats each month for her family.
Keep an inventory of the gifts you have stockpiled.  This can be in a shopping notebook or a computer file.  You can designate the recipient or keep that information open.  Record where you have placed the gift if you have multiple gift storage places.

Along with a gift closet, set aside gift wrap, bags, ribbons, bows, trims, and cards so that you have the complete package.  These items can be found on sale as well throughout the year.  Now all you have to do is shop the gift closet in your house for that gift-giving occasion!

Summer sales are in full swing as merchants need to clear out inventory to get ready for the third and fourth quarter.  Stop by our store, Wright's Hallmark, and peruse our sale inventory.  You just might find something for that gift closet!