Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Ideas!

At Wright's Hallmark, we have a couple of thoughts for your 2010 Christmas.

Try our Wassail mix from Brownlow.  You can mix any quantity from one cup to one gallon using this cinnamon mixture and apple juice.  It's great for these cold, windy days and nights. This makes a great hostess, teacher, or office gift at $6.95.
We have new interactive storybooks and story buddies.  This one is Jingle All The Way.  When you read certain sentences in the book aloud, Jingle, the pup reacts.  It is a great gift for the little ones. $24.95
 Have you heard of the German custom of hiding a pickle in the Christmas tree?  Hallmark has its own version of the hide-able pickle that is motion activated.  $16.95
Stop in at Wright's Hallmark for your final holiday shopping.  Our ladies will welcome your visit!

Merry Christmas!