Monday, June 22, 2009

Howdy, Sara!

This week, we want to feature a young lady who has been with us for a long time and will soon be leaving us to start her career. Sara joined us in the summer of 2003 as a junior in high school. Since that time, she has graduated from JMU with a degree in Biology. In just a few weeks, she will begin her graduate studies in Biology at JMU. During her years at JMU, she has found the time to help us out when we have needed her. Not only does Sara work part time for us, but she also works at AMC in the Physical Therapy department with LeLe. When she has free time, she runs and exercises to keep in shape. She has a Springer Spaniel named Grissom who also
vies for her attention. You might even find her traveling anywhere from South Carolina to Tennessee visiting her special friend that she met at the hospital this spring. Grass doesn't grow under Sara's feet. She's always on the move!
Sara pays a lot of attention to detail and organization. That is part of her scientific mind, and we appreciate those traits at Wright's Hallmark. So before she leaves us for the last time at the end of July, stop by and give Sara your best wishes!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Go Virginia!

The Virginia Cavalier baseball team is in the college world series playoffs in Omaha, Nebraska, and we are showing our team spirit with a number of new collegiate items. These would make wonderful Father's Day gifts for the dad who is a Wahoo fan. Come by soon and take look while you are shopping for that all important Father's Day card.

Countdown to Christmas

We've added a countdown banner to the top of our blog since Christmas is only about six months away Of course, Santa is on summer vacation as you can see in this photo. But, Wright's Hallmark is busy getting ready for Ornament Premiere, which is just about 27 days away on July 11-12. Be checking your Dreambook 2009 and be making your wish list. If we can be of any help, let us know. If you would like for us to put away ornaments for you to purchase Ornament Premiere weekend, please come in early or give us a call. Bonus points can only be earned on July 11-12. Hallmark has already indicated that this will be the policy this year for all ornament events in 2009.

Jim Shore Cats and Dogs Ready for Adoption

At Wright's Hallmark, we have many Jim Shore cats and dogs ready for a good owner to come forth and take them to a good home. We have had several pets arrive over the last few weeks. We have a Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Pug, Pit bull, West Highland Terrier and Boxer. These dogs are already house broken and require no obedience lessons.

Our feline friends vary in size and shape from Lucky, the black cat, to Genghis, the Siamese. Our cats are litter trained and are not finicky eaters. So as you can see, our dogs and cats make the perfect pets. Drop by soon to make your adoptions from our Heartwood Creek collection.

Friday, June 12, 2009

EXTRA! EXTRA! Congratulations to Rachel and Ryan!

This photo just came in from Sara! Rachel and Ryan are officially married! The wedding took place on Thursday at the Virginia Beach. Sara reported that Rachel was absolutely beautiful as you can easily tell. Rachel one of my former students who came to work for us while she was in high school. We have been privy to the plans of this wedding for a very long time! We want to wish the newlyweds the very best that life has to offer from all the ladies (and Guy) at Wright's Hallmark. We hope to see you very soon! And thanks, Sara for keeping us posted with the latest information.

Vivacious Vicki

This week, we are happy to introduce you to Vicki. Vicki may be small in stature, but big on delivering customer service at Wright's Hallmark. She has been with the Hallmark organization the longest of any of the present employees. Generally, she works on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, but is willing to lend a helping hand whenever she is needed. Vicki is a dynamo of energy. She keeps fit by walking at the crack of dawn every morning in her neighborhood for about an hour. She enjoys gardening and tending her manicured yard and beautiful home. Vicki is a member of St. John's Catholic Church and participates in many church activities. She keeps an eye out for her neighbors and helps transport them whenever she can. She enjoys looking for bargains on her shopping ventures. She has two sons and two granddaughters who live in Richmond. When she is not traveling to visit them, she may be on the road to West Virginia or Ohio visiting with her three sisters. She particularly enjoys watching Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. Stop by soon to visit with Vicki!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Congratulations to Kelly!

Best Wishes on Your Graduation Day

Today , we want to salute our associate and friend Kelly, who has graduated from Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee. This afternoon, we are having a ceremony and party to celebrate Kelly's achievements. We have enjoyed watching Kelly grow and mature in the six years that we have known her. This fall, she will be off on a new adventure as she will be a nanny for a family outside of London for a six month period. This is an exciting time for Kelly and her family. We wish her the very best that life has to offer.Three cheers for Kelly!

Members of the Hallmark gang-Connie, Vicki, and Dottie-join Kelly for her celebration.