Friday, May 29, 2009

Say Hello to Lele

This week, we want to highlight our lady on the go-Lele. If you think you have seen her somewhere else besides Wright's Hallmark, you're probably right. LeLe is one of our part time employees who also has a full time position at the physical therapy department at AMC. We are very lucky that she is willing to help us two nights a week and every other Saturday. She has introduced us to many of the staff members at AMC over the years. It seems everyone at the hospital knows LeLe.
When she is not helping patients or customers, you might just see LeLe running the streets and byways of Waynesboro. That is because she is quite a runner and has participated in many local races as well as race events throughout the state including marathons. She is very civic minded and participates in fundraisers that benefit our community. LeLe enjoys shopping, antiquing, and decorating her new home as well as dining in new restaurants throughout the area. One of her favorite spots is the Mill Street Grill. She and her husband Esters have one daughter.
So the next time you come to Wright's Hallmark, see if you can catch LeLe, our lady on the go, and tell her you read about her on The Wright Place.