Thursday, August 21, 2008


When I was little, I remember singing a song called Halloween. It went like this:
Halloween, Halloween,
Oh, what funny things are seen.
Witches hats, cold black cats,
Broomstick riders, mice and rats!
Well, we left out the mice and rats, but Halloween is coming on strong at Wright's Hallmark. Our Halloween cards are out. Check out the new cards that contain candy treats! We have some wonderful decorative items to be seen. Come in and see our screen cats! They are a real hoot. We have a selection that can hang on a door or wall and some that stand. I'm trying to decide which one I want this year. Yankee candles in Apple Cider and Purrchouly also make a statement in the fall line-up. Get yours soon. Spider rings and earrings from Dept. 56 and Two's Company will help you feel wickedly fashionable. The rings are especially fun! So come on in and take a tour of our store.